Monday, February 27, 2012


I have been a frequenter of wedding blogs for sometime now, as in wayyyyy before we got engaged. I can't help it, it's every little girls fantasy and let's face it, weddings are GORG! I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs and why I love them and resources I think you should check out in your free time.

Starting with the best wedding blog out there:

1. Style Me Pretty

This blog is simply amazing. Multiple weddings are posted a day with all sorts of magnificent images and inspiration. Sometimes the inspiration is a little over the top and I can't imagine how much they spent, but most are modest and classic. The prettiest of pretty, would be how I would describe this blog. I also love that I can visit the site numerous times a day and see something different. Absolutely FAB! Warning: You WILL become addicted, just sayin'.

2. Southern Weddings

So these lovely ladies behind Southern Weddings actually started this blog to create wonderful magazines for us Southern Gals! Their website is perfect for southerners and the best part is, we can find local vendors through this blog. From gorgeous Charleston to big Texas, to good ole' Caroline, there is gorgeous inspiration all around. They really focus on having a good southern wedding which is what us southerners do best y'all!

3. Grey Likes Weddings

I like this blog a lot because Grey likes modern clean weddings and that's what I'm going for when planning my wedding. They're unique and beautiful and I enjoy that. I like this blog too because it's not too big yet so you can still search seasons, colors, etc. and that makes it easier to find what you're looking for. Venture on over.

4. Pinterest