Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love pictures. I'm obsessed. I would be that girl that decorated her whole wall with photos if I only had the room and classy frames for them of course. So when it came to choosing a photographer for my wedding, great pictures were SO important.

And that's where fight #1 begins with the mom.

Less than a week after getting engaged I tell my mom how important pictures of the wedding are to me. They are EXTREMELY important. Hell, why else are we spending so much money on how we look if we can't appreciate beautiful pictures?! My mom is still stuck in the mode that disposable cameras on the table are the best way to capture the day.

But I would not let that happen. For one, I've been stalking wedding blogs for well over two years now, so I understand the importance of great photography. And two, a friend of ours had one of my favorite NC photographers shoot their wedding, totally jeal moment.

Here are two of my fave NC photographers:

The amazing Kellie Kano and our wonderful friends Carol & Wilson

I adore both of these photographers SO much, but I grew up with a photographer that I had my eye on for some time. Unfortunately, weddings are EXPENSIVE and photography is very expensive too (i.e. examples above)

Therefore many arguments ensued over the price of a photographer with mom and it was heartbreaking. I could not give up this precious memory. These photographs just make these weddings so special. If you want amazing pictures you definitely have to find it in your budget to make it happen and I KNOW it will be worth it.

Did any of you have a hard time finding a photographer and finding them in your budget? I'd love to know!

Up next is about the photographer that is shooting my wedding!!


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