Thursday, February 16, 2012


Like I said previously, wedding photography is super pricey. But every time I find myself gushing over a wedding, most of the time I know it wouldn't be the case if it wasn't for an amazing photographer behind the lens.

Since knowing a photographer personally, who has made a splash on some of my favorite blogs; Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, etc. I was excited about the opportunity to hire Meredith Perdue as my photographer. Her work is fantastic!

But like I said, hiring a photographer was a dramatic process. My mom was not into the idea that photographers cost most than $2,000 for wedding coverage. So I did some research and poked around at other potentials but I just couldn't let the thought of letting Meredith go!

She ended up emailing me on day offering me a discount and after she did, I decided that it was still going to be a little bit of a shock to my mom. So I decided that I would fudge the price a little and cover the difference without her ever knowing, because this is what I want. SO BAD. So ultimately she finally gave in, but not before my grandma offered to pay for the photographer as my wedding present! SCORE!

I'm so thankful to my grandma for contributing to one of the most important aspects of my wedding. There's just something so dreamy about pictures. It's my favorite piece of art. And I don't mind helping pay for something I really wanted.

In a couple weeks, I finally get to reunite with Meredith after growing up with her. She currently lives in Maine but comes to NC to shoot many weddings and to visit her family. Fiance and I have an engagement session planned with her on March 18 so I will definitely be excited to share those photos with you!!

Here are some amazing shots by Meredith:

I cannot wait for our wedding to see what magic Meredith works!! But ultimately I'm thankful to Meredith and my Mema for being all stars!



  1. I blew my budget for my photographer AND I am over-the-moon excited about it. Definitely worth the extra $$$.