Thursday, September 20, 2012

Invitation Process

You guys, I don't know WHAT my problem was when it came to selecting an invitation.. Ok maybe somewhat. I don't like silly pictures, graphics, flowers, stars, etc. I don't know why because I'd totally do it for anything else, I just did NOT want that on my invites. But I also couldn't find a great "plain" invite that wasn't what my mom used either. When I DID find something, it was from Bella Figura at like $3000 for a suite of 125. Yeah... RIGHT.
GORG but WAYYYY too much money.. :(

So I searched for months and months and just was never satisfied. The invite was the FIRST thing you see in correlation with our wedding day and I wanted the whole process to be perfect, opening the mailbox, opening the invite, sending in the RSVP... I wanted our guests to be just as excited!! 

I also knew that Fiance's uncle was a graphic designer and I thought, "why not see if he could help us design something unique for us?!" He wasn't TOO keen on the idea but when I showed him some of my inspiration he got on board.

This was July folks, and I was freaking by this point because we needed to get it done. We thought maybe we'd just design the whole thing and go from there, but that wasn't working out because Uncle isn't a wedding invite designer, DUH AMANDA.

Then I started to retrace my steps to the web and found a letter pressed company called, Palm Papers, via Etsy. Lauren at Palm Papers does all the designing and owns the company. They do letterpress, flat printing and she even designs for Minted (a site I probably would have ordered from if I had not found her!) AND when mom gave me the budget for invites, it FIT even WITH letterpress!!!! EEK!!!!!!! PERFECT!

Here's a sample of Palm Papers Wedding invites:

We then re-approached Uncle with her layouts for invites and he thought he could make us a cool logo to correspond with the clean invites she had, and it totally worked! We got a LOGO for the wedding, which was SO exciting because I now had my brain working on all the things we could apply it to and make the wedding cohesive from the time you open the invite to the time you leave the reception you would know that it was A & N's wedding! YES!!

Here's the logo again we created:
 Here is the invite we took our inspiration from and made it completely our own!
It was actually a fun process because we worked with our Uncle to create something just for us and Lauren at Palm Papers worked with us and allowed our design to go with her designs. She worked up proofs and let me have a say in how I wanted everything to look but she also took the information I gave her and made it exactly what I had been looking for!! 

I can't wait to reveal the final product, but I'll do that tomorrow since this post was insane.. I apologize for my rant but I just HAD to let you know our process and why it took so long to get from A to B!!



  1. I love to hear all of the little details and how you came to make your decisions! Can't wait to see the final product - she has some great invitations in her shop! Very classy and clean. :)

  2. PS - your email address isn't linked to your profile so I can't email you back from the comment you just left me! :(