Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bridal Gowns Continued

So continuing on my previous post, searching for a wedding dress is definitely one of the most exciting parts of being a bride. It's the one day you get to be cinderella, or a movie star or a cowgirl if you want to! For me, I wanted to be glam but still find something stylish and that would never become dated.

But oh my goodness, it is SUCH a difficult process!! Sure you may be a bride that tries on the first one and your done, but for me, how could I choose one dress out of thousands, that stood out, was glamorous and fit my personality?! I barely can make a decision when it comes to getting dressed and going to work! I mean really ladies, it's the most important dress of your life! So I see why the girls on TV get stressed saying yes to the dress, because I sure was.

I honestly wanted to cry over it and wanted to be done after visiting about five salons. (I know, it's really embarrassing..) But finally I went to a salon in North Carolina called Nitsa's that carries Amsale. That was my main driving force for visiting, because I love Amsale's clean style, she's amazingly talented and the dresses are designed by her and handmade in America.

I had previously tried on a few of her gowns earlier in the year before I was engaged and below are some of the pictures of those dresses. (Excuse the poor picture quality.)

Amazingly glam and chic and modern right?! I love her silhouettes, she really speaks to the women's body. So, I fell in love and I knew after getting engaged that I HAD to go back and try on more Amsale.

SO I did and I finally said YES to the dress!!!! I'm very excited about the gown and although it's not either of the two above, I probably could've said yes to either one of those as well!

Do you have any favorite designers? What do you think of Amsale? I'd love to hear your thoughts! And I'd love to hear if anyone felt so overwhelmed with dress shopping?! I thought it was completely ridiculous being so upset about the process of trying to find a gown, but perseverance paid off and I even shed some tears! YAY!


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