Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I don't particularly like Valentine's day that much. It's one of those holidays where you can't help but obsess over whether or not you're going to get a present from your man or what kind of surprise he has in store. BUT then you're disappointed that you had planned this elaborate idea of how your day is going to go. Kind of like New Years Eve. I get really excited but then disappointed, so I have learned to just let those holidays go off the wayside. This way here, if something does happen, it's a surprise!

And let me just say, fiance is an amazing man. He really does a great job surprising me and I am SO thankful for that. In fact, I got three dozen tulips on our three year anniversary. And on my birthday when I wanted my diamond ring, I got gold hoop earrings (in which, I am NOT complaining) and he also took me to the mountains for that whole weekend. And then proposed a couple weeks later!!

Here are some lovey pictures anyway, because after-all, Valentine's day is about love and I have been so lucky to find true love!!! Fiance is the best man I have ever, ever met, and I am so thankful. He's my best friend, my companion, and my soul mate. I love you fiance!

vday 2010
two year anniversary


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