Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Day Timeline

Let's talk timeline y'all!! I started making a wedding day timeline probably about 8 months in advance to the wedding. It slowly progressed the more I met with vendors, settled on how I wanted to organize things, and once I had my final meetings with hair and makeup. I originally saw the idea here from the fabulous Emily over at Southern Weddings:

I kept searching and searching for something that I really liked but it's sad to say that I loved what Emily had done and may or may not have taken the idea of "The Best Day Ever".. mostly may! Whoops!!!

It IS only a word document but I spent a lot of time on it, thinking it out, discussing with my photographer the pros/cons of it and how long I should allow for different sessions of photos for the day. We did a first look so for me that was SUPER important to dedicate a lot of time to this section. Meredith recommended most people settled on 30 minutes but I decided I wanted 40 minutes, and let me tell you, I could've gone for hours and wish we actually had more time to get some really different shots but that's how things worked out that day, 40 minutes. We arrived everywhere on time, minus my original thought that I'd be able to take a few portraits of myself with Meredith because my hair and makeup artists went over their allotted time because of lack of help.... WONK WONK. That really was my only snafu of the day too, so that's probably a good thing! (Make sure you confirm with your makeup/hair how long it takes to complete one gal and if they are going to need to bring help make sure they do and if they don't make sure they arrive way before you originally though!!!) It DID work out though because it allowed me to send hubby and the boys to campus and me surprise him on campus, so everything worked out in the end.

Here it is and it's available for download thanks to Scribd!! Sorry it's so long, but you'll see how much went into it and how we stayed on top of being on time and where we needed to be! I also have to say that although it was the butt of many jokes that weekend, everyone in hindsight said it was VERY important for making our wedding day go VERY smoothly!! (Score one for me! I even included directions to ENSURE everyone was where they needed to be!) The map on the timeline is from in case you're wondering.
Ridic right?!! BUT it was such a valuable tool!!!! Hope y'all don't think I'm too crazy! ;)
mrs. a. 


  1. Nope, not crazy at all, because I did the exact same thing!

  2. So glad to hear I'm not crazy for starting my timeline months ago, even when I didn't/still don't know vendor arrival times, hair & make up times, etc. Can't wait to read every line of yours to make sure I'm not missing anything! So glad you posted it!! :)

  3. ^agreed!!! This is a great post! :-)