Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Beginning

My fiance and I met in January of 2009, right before starting our last semester at NC State, in Raleigh, NC. We met at a house party, in which my clear remembrance of the whole evening was skewed to Mr. Charles Shaw. But fiance says he remembers everything about that night. My personal favorite, is that he will tell me it was love at first sight! AW!

Most likely because I'm awesome, and we both were purple, (see photo).

Sorry for the odd expressions. Not really even sure what's going on that evening, and because I was photo obsessed I happen to take pictures with said fiance, on the night we met. BALLER.

So as the night progressed, fiance took my phone number at the party and called me four days later and asked me out on a date. How could I refuse such modern day chivalry?! I mean a PHONE call, not a text, not a facebook message, not an IM, a phone call. Amazing. Of course I had to say yes! And the prospect of free food is something no girl could turn down.

So the date was ammmmazing, and we hit it off, and the rest is history. And here's another cute picture from that night in January.

Have a great Thursday,

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