Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top 10 Weddings: #1

Ok, I know I said these weren't in order but I think this wedding MAY be my favorite.. This and the Paris elopement.. Regardless, I have loved all these weddings but there's something so glamorous about this wedding I can't get over. Perhaps it's because the bride and groom are drop dead gorgeous, the dress is out of this world, they are so insanely happy and the photography is to die for. I can't stop gushing about it. Accidentally I posted this wedding and the last, both by Erin Hearts Court, so obviously I really love their photography. But there's just something I can't put my finger on to why I love this wedding so I'll just show it to you and hope you feel the same way as me.

Thanks for taking this 10 day journey with me too. Sometimes these weddings just get booked marked and never talked about again and I like to point out how amazing these weddings truly are in my mind. I hope that my wedding is just as gorgeous but I realize it's probably not going to look like any of these either! I just wanted to appreciate some truly amazing weddings! 

Now what you've been waiting for..
Oh Oscar de la Renta and your beautiful Chantilly lace..
Happiest groom alive <3
LOOOVE her hair piece! So fresh!
 I LOOOOVE this photo! Dancing in the street!
 I adore these photos from the dance floor.. SO fun and happy!!!
 Nothing is more romantic than these next photos.. my heart melts..
 Sigh.. Just everything about this wedding is dreamy.. I absolutely LOVE the hotel room photos. It's the perfect ending to a PERFECT night. (Sorry for the mass amount of photos from this wedding too, I just can't get enough of that beautiful couple!!!)

What was YOUR favorite wedding?!

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