Friday, August 24, 2012

FOOD: Don't read if hungry!

Y'all, talking about food really shouldn't be any problem for fiance and I. We LOVE it. We love the process of going out, trying new things, new restaurants, and making sure we have a wonderful night stuffing our faces with amazing delicacies! When it comes to thinking about the wedding menu though, I'm stumped.

We want our wedding to be a reflection of us and we want it to be a good party! Our first date was dinner and our wedding band and I feel like our wedding should be just like that too! So we've kinda decided that we want a more relaxed feel to the reception including the food situation. Heavy hors d'Oeuvers type of situation, possibly some mini bites?! I'm not even sure. Our caterer is a great friend of ours who owns this amazing Italian restaurant, Babymoon Cafe, but our menu is definitely NOT limited to just Italian so that's what's making this so hard!

One thing is for sure I want some anti-pasto! Meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, olives, the whole thing. YES YES YES! 

NOM NOM. I love cheese. Ok, so step 1 done, we will have one type of food y'all! Another thing we love is bruschetta so we're thinking that's a must as well as a salad since a lot of our ideas are not so healthy.. We DEFINITELY want some sliced beef peppercorn crusted tenderloin (YUM!) and grilled veggie like squash, zucchini, artichokes, etc. 

Of course some seafood is always a good choice in the south, like some mini crab cakes and the ever so southern, shrimp and grits! We can even make it into a grits BAR! WHAT?!

I like the idea of something interactive because then it allows people to be creative and do what they feel is right. BUTTTTT this is about all we've decided on.. I'm definitely not elated about the fact that we can't decide much more. I like the peace of mind that comes with making some final decisions. Sigh.

Here are more ideas that I've come across via Pinterest though:
sweet bacon wrapped chicken bites
mac and cheese cups
mini eggplant rollatini  
 country ham biscuits
mini fried chicken and waffles

Welp, that's all I have for now. My brain is tired of thinking about tasty food. I hope logistically what we want can be done and if we're doing heavy hors d'Oeuvers I just hope it's enough for all the guests as well as some decent options for friends with dietary restrictions. Sometimes it's stressful being a bride y'all!

Anyone have any suggestions or input?! I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I love all of your choices! I haven't seen the mini chicken and waffles done yet at a wedding, but I bet that would be very tasty!
    We are doing passed hor d'oeuvres during the cocktail hour (fried pickle chips, mini fried green tomato BLT's, caprese skewers & mini crab cakes), and for dinner, stations including a lowcountry garden display (veggies, fruit, pimento cheese, lowcountry caviar salsa, & crab dip), shrimp & grits, beef carving station and lowcountry eggrolls (pulled pork, collards and peach mustard honey bbq sauce). Yup, officially hungry now.