Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Gifts & Ideas

Fall is right around the corner but for me, wedding season is just getting into full swing! Between now and December we have 3 weddings to attend and of course our wedding in 75 days! All these weddings got me thinking about presents.

I know everyone has their typical registry and we do too, but I'm the kinda gal that really appreciates something unique too. One of the shower gifts we received was a vase with our new monogram etched in and I was SO excited! It just made me think of all the unique gifts out there and also made me think about what brides appreciate the most after they got married too!!

So does anyone have any favorite gifts they've give or received?! These are some of my favorite ideas:
These adorable ornaments are perfect for a new couple! And they can be customized!
I just purchased a "new home" one for our friends that bought their first house!

I love the idea of a custom cutting board, whether with a new monogram or perhaps the state you're from! 
They are of course, functional, but can still be art!

I think your wedding gift doesn't have to end with the wedding either. How fun would it be to be given the opportunity to have a custom map of your honeymoon?!

What about those foodies and winos out there? I LOVE this idea because it's the gift that keeps on giving!
Wine boxes for 3 different anniversaries!
And why not fill it with wedding appropriate wine?!

Those are some of my fun ideas that would be great to receive and to give! What do y'all think? Any recommendations or suggestions? I always love to hear new ideas!


p.s. my schedule is a bit hectic the next few weeks including fiance's birthday, a wedding in Asheville, my bachelorette party and even bridal portraits!! so forgive the lack of posts coming up! i'll be sure to give you something to look at though!

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