Monday, August 13, 2012

THE Shoes

When I started shopping for my dress I started shopping for shoes. I know that's incredibly embarrassing but I just love the shoe shots from weddings and I knew I wanted to be a fabulous bride wearing fabulous shoes! (Definitely the vanity in me so I apologize in advance.) Well, fiance's aunt works at Neiman Marcus so I had been browsing and browsing but a 30% discount on designer shoes really doesn't add up to much. (Thanks any aunt L!) I just couldn't see spending over $400 for shoes as much as I MAY have loved them.

January came and I knew my dress was coming so I wanted to have my shoes for my first fitting. I came across the Kate Spade "Charm" shoe and thought that was the shoe for sure! Plus it came in gold glitter.. what more could I want?! Well I loved the shoe, but the shoe did not love the dress. When I took the shoes back with me for my second fitting I kept snagging the tulle and it made me paranoid, especially mom. 

It IS super cute right?! So I went back to my Neiman about a month ago and went searching because I knew the once yearly sale was coming up and I had in fact, had my eye on a particular pair of amazing Valentino's that would be within my price range. Well I went to Neiman to try them on one more time and they were just SO high and I don't normally wear heels so they made me a bit nervous..
Well Neiman had a sale rack with an awesome pair of Jimmy Choo's on clearance that I really loved and fiance loved, but gasp, they had a spot on the leather!! And I was NOT paying for damaged goods especially for my wedding and when they're still quite pricy.. But they were fab. (These were similar but not the same.)
Since they were a bit damaged I didn't want to get them but I notice how much more comfortable I felt in them versus the Valentino's because of the straps at the top. The lady at Neiman mentioned a store in Charlotte, Coplon's, that was down the road and how they might have something. Low and behold it was a store I had received information about after I had done some searching on a particular pair of wedding earrings I wanted to purchase!! (More on the earrings later!!) So we hopped on over to look at their selection. Well they were having a killer sale and I walked over to look at a pair of sparkly Loubs that caught my eye. They were a 6.5 and on sale, but the tag was still a little high. I asked the lady if they were any more off and she said they had just made mark downs today and they were only $50 more than the Kate Spades!!! NO WAY. 60% off on a pair of Christian Louboutins!!! All that was left to do was try them on...
Forgive the iPhone shots and my tiny toes!

Sold!! I L-O-V-E these shoes!!! I can't stop looking at the photos. I'm so excited to wear something so fab and to know they're also unique. That's something I really wanted to capture with our wedding. Being unique to us and our own personal style and taste. A bonus, my mom loved the shoes and I picked up my dress last weekend and they didn't snag! WOO HOO! Plus I look forward to wearing them on many nights out. Too bad I can't wear them for the Bachelorette party, they'd be a great addition..

What are you wearing on your wedding day?!


  1. I am dying over here! Those CL's are to die for AND exactly what I am wanting. Super jealous! great, great choice!

    1. Girl, definitely check out that store next time your in Charlotte!

  2. LOVE them! What an amazing deal! I'm wearing flats since I'll be walking in grass (and since my fiance isn't what one would call tall) and I just bought mine for the big day over the weekend!

    1. Megan, I love those flats!! Honestly I live in my Tory flats so I completely understand. I was really nervous about wearing heels in the first place because they just are not comfy! Hopefully I'll be too blissfully happy to notice!