Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration

It was probably about February when we started discussing rehearsal dinner details with the future MIL. We always wanted something casual like a Pig Pickin' but could never think of a great venue to allow that to happen.. in November. :( But we knew a great restaurant in town and booked that for our rehearsal. Done and done. 18 Seaboard was our choice with an awesome menu but pricey meaning we'd have to cut the guest list to just the immediate bridal party. We definitely did not mind but part of us just couldn't stop thinking about keg beer and a pig on a grill (especially during tailgate season).

Well our church isn't a practicing church so you can have any kind of gathering there which made us think of the huge room below that could seat over 100 people and allow for some imagination to dress it up. Since we also are having a decent amount of out of town guests we reconsidered and realized that we could have our pig pickin' there! I'm so excited that things worked out and that we don't have to leave the premises and that it can be more low key and relaxed.

These invitations make me think of a true southern pig pickin':

                        invtation crush                                                                         invitation box

So FUN! And what's great is that a typical BBQ theme incorporates the red and white theme which we want to encompass our rehearsal in anyway because we want to pay homage to our Alma Mater, NC State! Since it's the night before a home game it's perfect, and we can tie in our grooms cake that we discussed here

I'm excited to see what happens! I don't have any say in it, which is a good thing since my mind can run all the time thinking of fun ideas! But I'll leave you with a few links to some FANTASTIC inspiration! YEEHAW!

All this read and white talk makes me excited for football, and because our mascots are totally in love too. Go pack!


  1. So cute! We are doing a barbeque, too, for our rehearsal dinner and using blue + white gingham! :) The invites you found are super cute.

  2. LOVE THIS! So, so cute and creative! Very impressed!