Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's eat cake!

Fiance and I had an eventful week last week but it was a fantastic week for us!

  • booked the honeymoon!
  • meet with makeup artist
  • ordered save the dates
  • mailed the save the dates
  • revealed our wedding website 
  • went CAKE tasting!
 We went cake tasting y'all! So fun. Something I've wanted to do forever but became a little less excited about it because fiance does NOT have a sweet tooth and that is so not fun for me. :( But I took him to the tasting with me and we both had a good time. 

We met with a wonderful lady named Cinda, from Cinda's Creative Cakes. She bakes out of her house and does an amazzzzing job!! She hand makes sugar flowers and I am all the rage over these silly little flowers because they are stunning and I know hard to make! I found Ms. Cinda at the North Hills Wedding Show back in February. We tasted some cake, gushed over the sugar flower cakes, and continued to walk around because I don't have a huge budget for a cake. Later they did a Q&A to win prizes and this little lady won a FREE grooms cake! HECK YEAH! I secretly wanted to do a grooms cake anyway so one less thing to pay for! (PS. Enter EVERYTHING as a bride, you never know what you may win!)

This is what fiance and I have in mind for his grooms cake. Strutting wolf with a golf bag in honor of his career at the golf course! So cute! I just want to hug Tuffy!

BUT the real reason we were there was to talk wedding cakes. We tried two different flavors, dark chocolate with raspberry filling with buttercream frosting and sweet potato cake with cream cheese frosting. Which one do you think we liked more?! If you guessed sweet potato, you're right! It's not too sweet with the right amount of flavor, the taste of fall to me! (It tastes like pumpkin and I love pumpkin anything!) Since we're not narrowing down flavors yet though, I'll show you a few of my favorite cake designs! I'm wanting round, and two to three tiers most likely.

 I definitely like the rather simple cakes. I like the stripes but I also like the simple butter cream "betty crocker" style with some flowers, real or sugar! I think my favorite cake though is the second from the bottom! LOVE that one! I also like the last for the option of doing sanding sugar, it gives the cake some three dimensional character! All of these are possibilities but definitely leaning towards the all white with the sugar flowers! 

What do y'all think?!



  1. LOVE the second from the bottom, too!!! So pretty :)

  2. I love that one too. Both modern and classy!