Saturday, June 2, 2012

Men and things

You guys may remember my previous posts about fiance and what he'll be wearing to the wedding. Well, we ordered ANOTHER tuxedo from Macy's, this time a Tommy Hilfiger in a smaller size since we realized most of the generic menswear lines are probably going to run large. Well the jacket fit pretty well but the sleeves would need to be taken out some and the pants, were TOO tight. UGH. I swear, this boy has more problems fitting into things than I thought I did!

Well after checking facebook one day, a friend of mine was discussing measurements for a custom suit on a website called Indochino. After browsing the site I found that they custom make everything including, TUXEDOS! And may I add, all for an amazing price of $379, for a CUSTOM tuxedo y'all. I'm sorry but this is actually a great deal!! When you considering renting can run you in the upper 100's-200's, in which you don't get to keep. The other amazing thing about this company? You can choose everything about it, from the vents, lapels, pockets, buttons, lining, and you can even get it monogrammed on the inside!! AH! LOVE. They even have a return policy, and this gal loves a return policy! They even have a section dedicated to weddings.. what more could I want?

Not too shabby right?! I think we are going to pull the trigger, get the boy measured and order a custom made tuxedo. That's pretty sweet if you ask me. I want fiance to feel special and I think this is just the ticket. BUT we shall see what the verdict is when it arrives. I'm very excited. :)

And since it's the weekend, I think I might stop by our local flea market to see what little finds I might be able to snag. Currently, I'm in the market for some large picture frames. I want to use them for our wedding program and also as a menu for the reception. I just like the idea of how pretty they can look with paint or moss, etc, and I can save paper! WOOT. Plus I can reuse those babies in our future home. What's not to like?!

I hope I can find some cute ones at a good price!! I love these little examples!

P.S. It's JUNE!!!! Which means it's my birth month and we have 5 months to go!! Stay tuned for updates!!



  1. I like the chalkboard ideas. Plus, you can reuse them in your house as your "honey-do" list. :)

  2. Did you all end up ordering a suit/tux from indochino? My fiance and I have been perusing the site and are seriously considering it, so I'm interested in hearing how yours turned out!

  3. We have not ordered anything yet but I really think we're going to use that company. I had a friend out in Cali order it and he said he was very pleased. And for the price it's not much more than renting a tux. I'm just in the process of finding someone to take measurements because I was informed that some of the measurements are a little odd because they are more in depth than what tailors are used too! I do think that's the route we'll go because they DO have a return policy and they do give you a credit if you need to alter anything. Plus I love that you can choose lining and monogramming! I'll post if I do order it. We need to because we're almost at 3 months!

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