Monday, June 11, 2012

Here's to 25

Tomorrow I turn 25. I'm not sure how these 25 years have flown by but they have been amazing and I look forward to many more. Since birthdays are a good time to reflect on life I wanted to take a minute and list a few things I hope/will accomplish this year.

Get married
Start a new job
Move into a new place
Visit Paris, finally
Re-read Les Miserables
Keep blogging
Be better at keeping in touch
Limit my phone and computer time
Get outside more
Smile more, and laugh often
I don't want to set too many goals and overwhelm myself when we have 5 more months to go with wedding planning, but I DO want to enjoy each and every day even more than I already do. Last night at dinner I had a birthday candle and I did not even know what to wish for because ultimately, I'm so very happy and have everything I could possibly need.
Like beautiful friends and a beautiful fiance:
xoxo, a.

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