Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting Showered!!!

Happy Memorial Day Friends! I was just too eager to write this post to wait till tomorrow and it seemed fitting that today is another patriotic celebration much like July 4th, and I'm quite excited for our plans around that date! On July 1st, my future mother-in-law is throwing us a couples shower!! It's my first shower and I'm incredibly excited about the opportunity to have this momentous step in being a bride!

Fiance's family is renting a lake house on Lake Norman and his grandparents from Florida are coming and the families are really going to be together for the first time, so it'll be an interesting experience! My parents have only met his mom once and I've never seen fiance's dad or mom in the same room! Ah, divorced parents.. BUT not only is family coming but our dear friends have been invited too!!! The bridal party and a few select others. I didn't want to burden too many people since it's not close to where we live, but I wanted to be able to extend the invite to a few friends that I think might like to celebrate with us. 

Here's the invite we received:

I figured by now most everyone should have checked their mail already so I'm sharing it on here. :) What's even more fun is that I couldn't help but look at our registries and I saw that gifts have been BOUGHT! EEK! We're getting our first "wedding" gifts in a couple of weeks and it's so crazy to fathom that the time is drawing near! Each little thing is just making it more real and I'm super excited about what's to come.

Here's some of my pinterest ideas for how a lake shower could look:

With all this inspiration, I even purchased myself a cute little white dress for the occasion! (I couldn't help myself, it was on sale..) We have a Lilly Pulitzer flagship store in Raleigh and I popped in on Friday and found myself the perfect dress for summer and being by the lake. It just so happened that there was plenty of white and that's what it got to be. :)

What do y'all think of the dress I choose?! The "Joan" dress.


I know halter isn't for everyone, but I quite like it on myself and I know I'll be comfortable the whole day not pulling up any straps or the dress itself on a strapless dress. Score for comfort! It also has really pretty eyelet detail that you can't really see unless you're close up. But I think it's a great dress for the occasion and I can wear it again. Now we just need to work on what Fiance will wear!

Can't wait to post pics of the real thing!


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