Monday, June 4, 2012

Touching on decor

This weekend my mom is coming into town so we can go see "West Side Story". I'm elated to see this live because I've never seen it performed and it's one of my faves! So glad it's the weekend before my birthday, so it's a great little June treat for me. 

Since she's visiting this weekend I wanted to capitalize on our time together and try to get some wedding things under the belt. Sunday will be 5 months to go, so things need to get done ladies and gents! Needless to say, I'm sure we'll have a great argument on our first trip looking at linens! Definitely what I like and what momma likes are two different things.. 

When I first started planning I knew I wanted a modern and chic wedding. I knew I wasn't the girl who wanted a pink soft palette, but I want it timeless and elegant. Gray, white, pops of orange, maybe a hint of gold? Let's get crazy y'all! I also tend to find that I like texture and dimension in a lot of elements. So whenever I see stripes, chevron, or patterns, I fall in LOVE. I originally liked the idea of some black and white stripe, but that got nixed before I could even show mom examples.. So here are some of my ideas.. We'll see how they end up being portrayed with the mom in tow! (I totally blame her for making me picky and wanting perfection!)

Exciting and lovely chevron.. Perhaps in a soft orange or gray? Love the idea!

Probably one of my favorite examples of how I'd love our reception to look, even down to the flowers..

 Contemplated burlap for a while.. Not sure if it's the exact look I'm going for?!

Stripes sure make me happy!

A totally awesome printed linen?! LOVE.

Last but not least, I can't forget the detail tables like the bar and the buffet and how I want to make them totally awesome too, with the help of a monogram perhaps?!

I love everything about above image, the striped fabric, the monogram and the greenery.. I die.
 Although it's burlap, it's still totally rad and of course a cute monogram, love it! Still modern? What do you think?! I can't decide about the burlap dilemma!

So these little babies are some of my pinterest inspirations from around the web. A little all over the place, because obviously wedding planning makes my head spin with options. But I like something about each one. I like the idea of a gray table cloth but previous mention to mom and she was thinking white, which is fine, because then we could apply some awesome table runners or linens on top with color or pattern. I feel like the options are limitless. Well see what CE Rentals and Classic Party Rentals have to offer, we have appointments with BOTH.

Anyone have any advice for a first timer? Or have been to these locations/used them before? Love to hear some feedback!

Well you all have a fabulous week! I'll be back to catch up soon!


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