Thursday, June 14, 2012

Accessories are a girls best friend!

I was thinking about what to talk about next and this past weekend mom and I went shopping around town. We visited Saks Fifth to browse their jewelry selections because they have some great things on their website from costume all the way to Mikimoto pearls. I realize that my wedding style is more what I'd call "City Chic" so my wedding choices are a little more modern and glam versus vintage. I'm definitely not a chandelier earring girl.. These are some options I tried on at Saks.

 some david yurman pearls                              alexis bittar unique beauties

Adriana Orsini pave swavorski options..

We liked a few of the above options but weren't really sold on anything.

Personally it's extremely hard shopping for something when I can't try on the dress when I get home and I haven't even settled on a veil or my hairdo! UGH! What's a girl to do?! (Still not sure.) BUT we did venture into J.Crew and I found a particularly sparkly piece of neck jewelry.

Originally I didn't want to wear a necklace because I like earrings more, but it was just TOO fantastic to pass up. Mom even mentioned that she hasn't seen me get that excited about any other piece of jewelry we've tried on. So we bagged it up and took it home, now I'm just waiting to try it on with the dress.

Not THE necklace (I couldn't find it online) but an example of a J.Crew beauty, just to get your imaginations going. (It's a little more glam than that one!) 

My thoughts are to wear the necklace as a POW when we walk into the reception and maybe wear something more reserved for the ceremony. I'll be wearing a veil for the ceremony too so I don't necessarily need a lot of stuff going on to compete with the beauty of wearing a veil on your wedding day.

Speaking of veils though, we still haven't ordered one of those yet. I've been browsing Etsy for inspiration and probably will choose someone from there to order one because I wasn't sold on anything at Nitsa's and we've been to Alexia's but didn't fall in love there either. There was an option at Nitsa's that helped us narrow down what look would be best with the dress, and my mom, aunt and f-MIL all agreed it was the best choice. Here are some examples:

Originally I had envisioned a birdcage beauty like this from twigs & honey and I'm still in love, but want a little more drama.

So that lead us to the style called a bubble veil. It doesn't necessarily have to bubble under but a little drama up top and fullness and room to see the back of the dress, which is one of the amazing features of an Amsale gown. Thus, I'm on the search for a vendor. It's just scary asking for something personalized not knowing what it's going to turn out like. Again it's difficult putting the pieces together when you're shopping for one thing at a time. Sigh.. The life of a bride-to-be..

What are your thoughts?? Are you wearing a veil? Jewelry recommendations?! I'd love to hear!


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