Monday, June 25, 2012

My bouquet!

Y'all, when it comes to thinking about the PERFECT wedding flowers, I completely stress. There are SO many gorgeous inspirations for wedding flowers and none are exactly alike and that's fabulous! Like I said I'm not the pastel pink vintage girl so when I envision my wedding flowers I see texture, dimension, and gorgeous blooms of different flowers. For myself I also want a monochromatic bouquet with some ivories and greenery.

These are my favorite of fave wedding bouquets that I've drawn inspiration for how I can see my bouquet the day I walk down the aisle.

Favorite bouquet from one of my favorite weddings via Ruffled Blog

Anothergorgeous colored bouquet, a little over the top but so lovely via Martha Stewart Weddings

They both have ranunculus, some greenery, can consist of garden roses or peonies, hydrangeas, I think we'll utilize some scabiosa pods, dhalias even. There's a lot more than meets the eye and I think it's totally exciting to be using some flowers that aren't typical but down right gorgeous! Aldena also suggested the bouquet be a little like the bottom photo with some varying shades to add dimension and I think she knows best!

Meeting with Aldena was such a peace of mind. I've been stressing over flowers forever and just didn't know how to fully explain my vision because I'm not the most artsy person but I feel like I have a good vision. Simplistic, modern, classic, and chic. I want all of that combined and I think that equals gorgeous. :)

With that being said we've also narrowed down the look for the bridesmaids bouquets. These are my examples of how I envision that we could take the look and make it similar to mine but with a little more color with peachy/orange touches.

via pinterest

Obviously they are all in different colors with different flowers but the overall style and look are definitely what I am most drawn too. Aldena was totally supportive and definitely understood my visions and appreciated my choices of floral inspiration which made me feel SO confident! AND my mom was totally on board! BONUS! We even decided on what her and the FMIL will carry:

I totally love the idea that they'll carry their own personal bouquet too! Much more chic than a corsage for the mommas. The grandmother's will have a corsage though.

So what do y'all think?! I can't believe I feel so satisfied now but I do and that makes me feel more relaxed. It's coming together slowly but surely and I'm so thankful for super awesome vendors so far. 138 days to go y'all! Let's do it!


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  1. This post makes me so happy! I love your floral inspiration, and I know everything will be absolutely beautiful! Also, 138 days - hooray! I'm so excited!