Saturday, April 28, 2012


Let's talk men for a second. On our wedding day I want to be beautiful but I want fiance to be just as handsome as ever too! When he dresses up he sure does look gorgeous y'all! It's only natural that I want him to have some extra special attention and to LOOK extra special on our big day.

In the beginning I was really set on having grey suits because I liked the modern vibe they give especially paired with orange and whites. After talking with fiance I found that he really wanted to look like James Bond, tuxedo, extra fabulous, shaken not stirred. HAHA. OK sorry for that joke. I naturally gave in, because hey, what woman doesn't love James Bond and because I wanted him to have what HE wanted for the wedding too!

Well the boy has been so busy at work the past year since he became head pro, that he's lost a decent amount of weight and is now a 30 waist. Not to mention his whole physique is on the smaller side. We pretty much knew renting was out of the question because of this and because you can't alter what's pre-made.

We began hunting for suits and tuxedo's for the past couple months. We found some good suit options that we could dress up like a tuxedo so that seemed the route we were going to go... UNTIL, I WON 6 FREE tuxedo rentals from the new Vera Wang Black label at Men's Warehouse.

These are probably the next best thing coming out of Men's Warehouse in terms of rentals, and pretty new since they were available for rent after April 16th. So therefore all the men are taken care of! Except we're not sure about Fiance. We are still looking into the option of buying for him so we can make sure he looks extra amazing for the wedding. One of the blogs I follow, Em for Marvelous, talked about her experience with her fiance and how they bought a tuxedo by Tommy Hilfiger from Macy's. I checked into this and found fiance some wonderful options. Currently this Kenneth Cole baby is on order for delivery!

What do y'all think?! I can't wait to see this tuxedo on fiance! If it doesn't work, we still have Vera. I'm just happy to have some affordable options and I'm so thankful to have won the Vera Wang contest so we can outfit the groomsmen and dad's for free!! YIPPIE!

Well, that's all for now, happy weekend!


  1. How are you winning all of this stuff? I need your tips girl!

  2. I'm also a southern bride blogger, and I would love to know what you figure out to do for your fiance! My better half also has a slim build, and I have not even looked into what the men will be wearing simply because the thought stresses me out so much.

  3. Well we're still trying but I posted today another option that might work for your man too!! :) Let me know what you think!! And GOOD luck!