Friday, May 4, 2012

Dress Fitting

Happy Friday friends! I'm happy to announce that I have another dress fitting at Nitsa's in Winston-Salem tomorrow. It's ALSO the first time anyone beside my mom has physically seen me in my dress and I'm SUPER excited about it!! My future mother-in-law, aunt and grandma are all coming, and I'm so grateful! It'll be an experience to say the least knowing all these ladies and their opinions but I'm glad they're excited to be a part of the process. This should be my last fitting until it's completed and I don't plan on going to try it on again until I pick up the maids dresses which we are ordering too!!!

We settled on the Amsale long chiffon gowns in charcoal like below:
This is one above is actually one of the dresses we are purchasing, and my other maid chose a different style. It worked out perfectly though because each dress looks so good on each girl and it totally works for their personalities too! SO excited to be settling on this! I had my eye on the Amsale maid dresses since getting engaged but I was really impressed with the material and the quality and how they look in real wedding situations! (Not to mention I'll be wearing my own Amsale gown!! EEK!)

Yay for prettiness!! I'm so excited!! As for another update, Kenneth Cole did NOT work fiance. This is strike two for purchasing tuxedo's for him to try on and it's very stressful. It just makes me worry that if "slim fit" tuxedo's by Kennth Cole are THAT too big, I don't want to even think about what a rental would look on my poor man. We might try ordering one more tuxedo from Macy's via Tommy Hilfiger where I can purchase the seperate pieces. They even have a 36R tuxedo jacket and 30x32 pants that we could try since the 38 was WAY too big. :( Poor guy..

Anywho, wish us luck tomorrow!! I promise to have some more exciting things to talk about this week.


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  1. Love the choice for Bride's maid dresses, so pretty!