Sunday, April 22, 2012


Since we last spoke about honeymoons, I was very distraught about the situation. I didn't know what we really wanted to do and the travel agents didn't end up being much help. They did offer that Europe would be rather cold, which I knew, and that it could be rainy and put the mood in an awkward place, etc. I was aware but I guess it started to hit me that it might not be the best time to go. Also the fact that I just want to relax!

So that led us to Mexico being a great choice because it was a little less money than going to the Caribbean and because you get great service and wonderful hotel rooms. The one thing that seemed to lack was the beach though. I decided to keep looking and had been using some sites like Luxury Link, Jetsetter and Vacationist for inspiration. Luxury Link led me to a beautiful resort in Antigua called Cocobay Resort.

Cocobay has it all, literally. It's all-inclusive, right on the ocean, a welcome bottle of sparkling wine, bouquet of fresh flowers, snorkel gear, kayaks, and most importantly alcohol! (I heard the rum punch is awesome!) And after extensive research on Tripadvisor, the travelers bible, I decided that I really liked the resort. 

The selling point was that it was less expensive than the Riviera Maya, we could go for an extra night, (8 nights to be exact), and we would even have some leftover funds for a private champagne sunset sail!! The most exciting about this all is that the flights went down $100 bucks this weekend, so we maybe booking tonight or tomorrow! EEK!!! So exciting!! What a relief this feels like. Here are some photos of Cocobay Resort!

Not too shabby huh?! I recommend checking out Luxury Link if you're looking for an amazing vacation. They have some awesome deals on some of the top hotels in the world.

Wish you were here,

update!!!! it's BOOKED! we're going to antigua!!!!!!! yahoooo!!!! cocobay here we come!  

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