Saturday, April 14, 2012


I got an email the other day from a local store that I love called Handpicked. I'm all for cute jewelry at GREAT prices that I can wear a few times and not worry about. They also have some really nice silver pieces and of course monogrammed stuff. I admit that I do love monogrammed things, because I know it's mine and I know someone was thinking about me specifically and not just buying me a generic gift, they wanted it to be personal to me. So I LOVE it. I can't wait to initiate my monogram, which when monogramming with fiance, it's A-N-D, &, AND! I LOVE IT! Ampersands have already been purchased and utilized (i.e. engagement photos).

Back to the email though, it was in regards to their twice-annual monogram sale! WOOT WOOT! It got me thinking about all the people I have to buy gifts for as a thank you for the wedding and also the fact that the sooner I buy these things, the less I have to worry about last minute expenses that I will definitely have. So I went over at lunch and spent an hour there. Whew.

I came out on top though, y'all. I purchased my flower girl gifts! I'm having two flowers girls, my super cute nieces!! SO excited! They are both tiny girls and I wanted to get them something nice and a keepsake, so I thought why not something monogrammed? I received a silver engraved bracelet when I was about 9 in my cousins wedding and I STILL have that bracelet to this day and sometimes even wear it. The girls won't be able to wear their gift forever, but it's super cute nonetheless.

I got them a child size pearl bracelet with a sterling silver charm that is monogrammed with their initials:

I also purchased a little silver box, similar to one I received when I got my sorority pin (that I still use), so that I can put the bracelet in and present it to them that way (also monogrammed):

I'm excited about the gift because it's cute and personalized and they also have the same initials so there will be no fighting over who's is who's AND they can wear the bracelet for the wedding because I will be wearing my pearl Mikimoto bracelet that my mom gifted me from HER mom. YAY for checking one thing off the list!!

Now the parents are a whole different ball game, then there's the reader, and the greeters and of course the ladies and men of the party... Whew. I have some work cut out for me!

I was pondering getting perhaps a picture frame for the reader/greeters and photo albums for the parents:

But I also still really like the monogrammed jewelry boxes and putting in a grown up bracelet or something in it.. WHO knows. Those are my thoughts. But yay for getting to give gifts! Boo for the stress of picking things out for other people. It's so much easier to buy for yourself, and much more difficult to buy for others, although I enjoy it.

Anyways, have a fantastic weekend everyone! Lots more wedding related things coming in the next few weeks, like groomsmen attire, wedding cakes, and hopefully mailing of the save-the-dates and release of the official wedding website!!! Can't wait to chat more!


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