Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time for some reveals!

Good morning my love, and happy Thursday! It's a particularly happy Thursday for us because fiance and I just got done from visiting the post office, stamping some cute postcards, and giving them to the mailman! I wonder what they possibly could be...

I'm so excited to get these in the mail already! We ordered these bad boys on Sunday night and I received them yesterday afternoon, which happened to be my day off, so I hopped over to Target and got some nice pens and started addressing! Luckily I already had everyone's addresses and was able to get them all done and out this morning. It's possible some of you may see these puppies in your mailbox tomorrow!

I was really nervous about them but they came out rather nice. I'm a teensy bit disappointed with the quality of the photos, but I can't complain since they're only a dollar each basically. I LOVE the back of them, so I'd scarifice some photo quality to have some cute personality on the back of the postcard. All the other vendors didn't have cute options for the backs of their cards.

Speaking of the back of the card, I'm pleased to finally announce and share our amazing wedding website! I've literally worked on this thing since right after we got engaged. Even though it was a pre-made layout I think it fits our personalities and I'm happy with the finished product! (Don't forget to turn your sound on for a special touch! ;) ) WOO HOO! So ladies and gents, here it is:

I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of everything! I'm so excited to finally share everything with you!!
xoxo, a.

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