Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hubby and I are spending our 4th Christmas together this year and first as a married couple obviously but we are so excited to continue old traditions and begin new ones together.

We've always bought our tree from a school organization and this year we weren't even sure if we'd have room for a tree because our apartment was such a wreck after the wedding but after a lot of cleaning and reorganizing the place looks great and we went to our local farmers market and picked out our tree!!

Obviously the PERFECT tree! p.s. check out that ring bling!

Once we got home we decorated our tree! We used the new set of ornaments mom got us to signify our "just married" status! I was super excited to put these up. Every year we get a new glass ornament to add to the tree so those were the addition for this year. We also registered for this awesome tree skirt from Pottery Barn and our awesome friends who are less than two weeks away from tying the knot themselves, gifted us with our new tree skirt! I'm so excited about it because it really can be a keepsake forever. 

excuse the iPhone quality photos
insta mashup of the christmas cheer!
Then on Monday night we went to the Carolina Inn for the Southern Weddings "Gingerbread Barn Building Competition"! It was really fun to meet the ladies finally and participate in such a fun event. I really hope we can do it every year. I don't think I had ever even built a gingerbread house before?! I recommend anyone in the Triangle go out next year and join in on the fun. It's such a unique event!

our awesome gingerbread building team & completed barn!!

So far we're really enjoying the holidays. It's just hard to get into the swing of the holidays after being in the Caribbean for 8 nights and then coming home to 72 degree weather for the beginning of December.. Oh North Carolina, how I love thee!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays thus far!
mrs. a.  

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  1. Gorgeous Christmas tree! Also, so jealous you live close enough and you were able to go to the gingerbread building at SW!