Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Cards!

It's that time of year folks and I had originally thought about not doing a holiday card because of the mass amount of money I have spent in the last year on postage, save the dates, invitations, and thank you cards... But I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for the only time for us to be able to use one of our wedding photos. Here's what I'm thinking:

Which do you guys prefer?! Truth be told I already order one of the above to send out and did it based on the fact that it was a postcard as apposed to a card/envelope combo which saved me about $50. I love Minted's selection of cards (p.s. click the link for an automatic $25 off your first purchase!!) and they even had a "newlywed holiday" selection tab! How neat is that?!

Well they should be here on Thursday and I can't wait to send them out! :)

mrs. a.  


  1. We did a postcard, too! Cheaper card & cheaper postage! I like #2 the best, but I think the writing would show up better if it was in red. All of them are great though!

  2. I love #2 and #3...I love #3 simply because of the message, "it's a wonderful life," because isn't it?? We just ordered our cards from minted last night! Sadly, we didn't get to use any wedding pictures, since the professional ones obviously aren't ready, so we had to settle on taking a picture with our just married sign :)