Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Post Wedding Blues

It's not just Christmas time that can be blue y'all.. I definitely feel that I'm suffering from the post wedding blues. I'm not even sure if that's a real thing but I'm feeling it. I find myself still looking at wedding blogs almost every day and still talking about weddings and being on Facebook in December is such a tease! Everyone is getting engaged and it makes me want to get engaged again and do it all over. Not that I really regret anything it's just that "feeling" if that makes any sense?!

I found myself one day driving down the road a couple months before the wedding thinking about how stressful the whole process was. I thought about how much I wanted it to be over because I was stressed, unhappy and overrun with details that I was constantly thinking about. Part of me would just think, "WHY do people go through an engagement?! It's really NOT all fun and butterflies!" but then I would think "I'm really going to miss this feeling of being engaged". I realized while being engaged it was fun to discuss my upcoming wedding with strangers who asked and wanted to know and it was SO fun going through the wedding weekend

It's just that with the excitement a wedding brings it can be super stressful, but then after it's all over and you sigh and relax on your honeymoon, you may be like me and realize that it's hard to let go. I mean, I HAVE to buy the new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine because of Blake Lively and Amanda from 100 Layer Cake's wedding... AND I'm already married. Perhaps it's an obsession or a stigma in society that comes with weddings but I did realize a couple months before our wedding that I was tired of seeing other weddings! Now I just want it to get married again. Oh well, I guess that's where hobbies come in! 

In the meantime I do want to continue blogging and sharing more details (I'm still waiting on my photos to really get back on track) and travel more and spend more time with the hubs instead of in front of my computer on Style Me Pretty. I promise I'm excited to be a wife though! I just had to tell y'all how I felt and I'm wondering if anyone else felt like this too?!

Miss y'all!
mrs. a.   


  1. I definitely know what you mean! It's just a little hard to adjust, after months of spending so much time planning, it's all over in an instant! I am even continuing to have wedding anxiety dreams. I don't miss the planning and the stress, but I think it would be nice to just get to have another wedding weekend, since everything went by so quickly. Guess that's what anniversaries are for!

  2. Well, I'm happy that you found the experience enjoyable enough to miss! I just spent the weekend with my married cousin, who basically dissed anytime I brought up wedding stuff by saying it was stupid and a waste of money :-( so it's good that you don't feel that way and I'm not "wasting my time" (in her words!!!)