Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Awesomeness

This weekend we wrapped up the 2012 wedding season with one of my dear friends marrying a wonderful man! It was a beautiful winter wedding in New Bern and it could not have been more perfect! Let's just say a dance party with monogrammed sunglasses?? Amazing no?! 

Here's some of the awesomeness:


And since December is an amazing month filled with love and family and happiness, it's my pleasure to announce that one of my best friends, bridesmaid, and gorgeous gal pal is ENGAGED!!!!!! I can't WAIT to start hearing about her planning details and lend a helping hand! Congrats Mandy and Brad!!! <3

Hope everyone else had an AWESOME weekend too!!
mrs. a.

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  1. you got some great shots at S&LH's wedding! love the blog and all the details of your wedding - I wish they had wedding blogs back when I got married 8 years ago! I would have been obsessed! instead, I'm in the "mommy-blogging" phase. :) too fun!