Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saying Yes to the Dress: Nitsa's

My journey to Nitsa's happened after all the experiences in Raleigh and feeling like I was coming up short. I felt like I had been listening to so many others opinions and neglecting my own so I decided to go to Nitsa's in Winston-Salem on my own while visiting our MIL in Greensboro. Nitsa's was the same salon my mom and I went to in Charlotte and tried my first ever Amsale gowns there so I knew I'd probably like something there!

I arrived there for my appointment and went around selecting some gowns and I was still pretty much considering any type of dress because I had not felt that anything looked better than the other. I tried some Vera, Monique, Alyne, Pronovias, Kenneth Poole and Amsale of course. For me the easiest process of dress shopping was saying NO. I could easily tell you I did not like something! 

I finally tried on a Pronovias gown that I was really interested in. It has some lace which mom liked and it had small sleeves, which I was really considering. It was very pretty and slimming but pretty heavy and needed a LOT of alterations which was a little off-putting to me, but I honestly really liked the gown! It was at the top of my list there!
Pronovias gown similar to the one I liked

After I tried this gown I went back out and looked at the racks. (Sorry I don't have a picture but for some reason the Nitsa's in Winston-Salem doesn't allow photos?!) Previously, mom had given me a budget and there was an Amsale gown that was a little over and I had faith that if it was wonderful we could maybe wiggle it out. I slipped it on and immediately knew there was something about this gown. It fit with my venue I had selected, a modern loft for that New York bride feel, and it was comfortable, different, unique and had pockets!!

I guess I should also preface the fact that Hubby wanted no lace, strapless, and my boobs to look good in a dress (I know right?!) and this dress had all those characteristics! Score one for me. I really liked the dress, I'm not sure if I LOVED it but I really liked it, I really lit up and felt comfortable in the dress. It also fit like a glove!! No alterations except a little hem, what could be more perfect?! All I had to do was get mom back to see the dress!!

I brought mom back a few weeks later and tried the two gowns that I ranked up there, the Pronovias and the Amsale, and the Pronovias was first and mom was not crazy about it. Then I tried the Amsale and I just knew deep down that was my dress. I wasn't overly emotional about it, but I just knew... I felt comfortable in it, it fit my venues, and more importantly it was unique and me!! I don't think my mom was ever over the moon about it, but I knew that this was the dress I was supposed to get married in!

Here it is... the Amsale Lauren I tried while at Nitsa's and when I finally said YES to THE dress!!

Like I said the sample fit pretty darn well so after we placed the order and waited 5 months I was pretty confident we wouldn't have to do much to the gown. We placed the order in August and it came in around January! It was exciting to get to try the gown on officially for the first time as mine though, and all that was left was a few minor length alterations to be had.
The above pictures were at my first official dress fitting! So exciting!! I loved the back and the simplicity and the gorgeous fabric. It was SO light weight!!

Final fitting and working on how we wanted to bustle the dress, after that she was mine to take home!

Well there you have it, my gown! Long story short though, I probably tried on 75ish dresses? Embarrassing, maybe a little? I just have to say that there are a lot of emotions and a lot of ideas of what someone may want for a dress, it may be perfect and what you had always imagined or it may be something completely different! I can't say that I never saw myself in a ballgown-esque dress but when I put it on it felt right! I did shed a tear or two when I said yes because I knew it was what I was going to get MARRIED in, but I didn't feel an overwhelming sense of joy in the dress. But after everything is said and done, I really did love the dress and Hubby loved the dress and that's all that matters too! No matter what the journey, frustrating, immediate, never ending, easy, it's all a process and it's all about what feels right to YOU and no one else too!! Don't ever forget that! So go for the dress that makes YOU happy and in the end you'll feel beautiful!!

mrs. a.


  1. Beautiful! Don't feel bad about trying on so many dresses--settling on your wedding dress is NOT something you want to do. In the end, your long search was obviously worth it!

  2. I absolutely love the dress you chose! Love the material, neckline, everything about it!

  3. I love the dress. My mom wasn't over the moon either. But its what you like that matters

  4. This made our day finding this post! We're so glad that you found the dress for you at Nitsa's! It's the best part of our job when a bride to be says "yes to the dress"! Congratulations and thanks again for the great words!
    The Staff at Nitsa's

  5. Amsale can do no wrong in my book. :)

    It's funny...I thought I'd sell my Kennedy right after our wedding, but I'm still holding onto it. What do I think I'm going to do with it?