Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wedding Video Reveal!

Well... We've been married for almost 4 weeks now and I felt it was high time to show you what an awesome time we had at our wedding and what better way to do that than show you all our wedding video?! I can't speak enough kind words about how AMAZING Scottie from Simile Productions was in creating our wedding video. He did such an amazing job and was so responsive and excited to be a part of our day and we couldn't be more grateful! So without further ado:

Amanda & Nick Wedding from Scott Simerly Jr. on Vimeo.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, hiring a videographer, was something I NEVER budgeted for and the more I wandered on wedding blogs the more I watched strangers videos and would start to tear up and I realized that if I didn't have a video I would immediately regret it. So far I really don't have any regrets about our wedding so I KNOW I made the right decision! Hiring Scottie allowed us to have a different view of our wedding, it really showed how much FUN it was and how energetic our reception was. We really focused on the party and making sure our guests were having the time of their lives and we're pretty sure we accomplished this! The video also allowed for us to see the emotion of our first look and being up at the altar saying our vows, and the emotions of getting ready as well. It's just a neat alternative to photos and it's short enough that you never get tired of watching. Hubby and I have watched the video almost every single day since we got it back because it's just THAT good.

If y'all don't have a videographer I definitely recommend you reaching out to Scottie and saying hi! I know there are a ton of videographers out there so whatever decision you make I'm sure will be a great one, but if you can squeeze it out and save a bit of extra money here and there you can make it happen! (I have to admit we used some of our wedding money to help pay and that was a great gift to ourselves!!) 

Feel free to leave some love about the video and your thoughts, I'd LOVE to hear!!

mrs. a.  


  1. LOVE IT and I love the song choice!!! We didn't have it in our budget for a professional (and trust me I moped over that for weeks), but I luckily reconnected with an old friend from home who went to film school, and she and her business partner filmed it for me on the cheap. I'm so excited to see ours!