Tuesday, May 8, 2012

little girls, best in the world

One of the exciting parts of getting married is that you create a new family. Fiance's family is wonderful and he has an older sister with two gorgeous little girls! I'm beyond elated to be getting TWO neices once we tie the knot. There is Caroline, who is going to be 4 in July and the crazy rebel Macy who will be three in January. These two are quite the duo and I know they will add the perfect punch to my wedding march on November 10th, because they'll both be flower girls!! *squeal* I'm so excited to have them as part of the wedding because after all they're about to be my family forever, and I was lucky enough to have been a flower girl once and a junior bridesmaid. But really, aren't these the two the cutest?!

You could just eat them up. They're totally gaga over their uncle too, which is the cutest thing ever. Well, this weekend my future sister-in-law placed the order for their flower girl dresses, and I have to say I'm SO excited about these adorable gowns. I sorta want one for myself!

Totally adorbs I can't stand it. I love this little dress. It's by US Angels and purchased via Nordstrom. I can't wait to see what the girls look like in it. I also requested that the SIL purchase a particular pair of shoes.

I mean, who doesn't like sparkle? I also requested these little glittery cuties because I, myself, will be wearing a glittery pair of Kate Spades, and I think we should all totally match! I cannot wait to wear these beauties! The "Charm" shoe is the name of it! :)
Ok, I'm officially excited!!! What do y'all think?! Are you having a flower girl? What are they wearing?!

P.S. 6 months to go on THURSDAY! WHAT?!!!!


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