Thursday, May 24, 2012

Groovin' to the music

Good Thursday morning beauties! I was feeling uninspired this week as to really not having accomplished anything wedding wise. I'm still struggling with the invites because I cannot fathom spending over $1000 on invites as much as I may love them, so it seems like Minted is going to be the best budget option that I can still add some exciting flair to.

I did spend a lovely weekend away from planning the wedding with the fiance down at the coast in a tiny little cabin found on VRBO (I love that site!!). It was a great relaxing time, filled with cuddling and wine! <3

 (The weather was not good but we made the best of it, Cape Lookout, NC)

But getting back on track. I wanted to touch base on the reception and how from the moment we got engaged I wanted a particular band.. Back when fiance and I first met, he took me on a wonderful date to get sushi and to see his favorite cover band, The Dickens. They were AMAZING and we have been going to see them almost every time they play in Raleigh. It's "our thing" and we encourage our friends to come and have an amazing time and listen to a fantastic band. Really y'all, they are the best thing since sliced bread. They just have a way with the crowd. The lead singer, Percy, is a real Casanova.. Very suave and a great singer. From Led Zepplin, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Outkast, Bon Jovi, to Usher, they play it all. I mean just LOOK at how cool they are!

Photo courtesy of Kellie Kano Photography

Like they say the music can make or break the reception and I know these guys will definitely make our wedding out of this world, and I'm so excited to party with everyone to their jams! I'm especially excited to have my family experience their tunes since we talk so highly of them.

Now, I DO have to remind you that hiring a band is a HUGEEEEE expense. It was NOT cheap. (Maybe our most expensive purchase?!.. eek!) We begged and pleaded with all three of our parents, decided that we could chip in and basically split it 4 ways.. We even begged the band to see what they could do and if they could help us have this important part of our wedding happen. It was not easy and many tears were shed, but we just KNEW this had to happen. After all, the Dickens are part of our lives, and why not start the official beginning of our life together with our favorite band?! So I'm glad it's happening and I'm so thankful everyone could let this happen. It means the world to us and we are so excited to share it with those we love!

That's why I want our reception to be a big party of love, dancing, and groovin'! Check them out if you don't believe me!


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