Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mother of the Bride

Tuesday mom came to town to work on some wedding things. She brought my dress to the apartment to try on with the veil I ordered and of course try on with my loubs and earrings and I think everything looks AMAZING together. I have chosen a less traditional bridal route but I think it suites me because I definitely appreciate fashion and design and the feeling of wanting to look unique! So I'm very excited!!!

We also went shopping for her because we're still on the lookout for the perfect MOB dress! I want my mom to feel just as special as me and really let her shine too because she's been such a driving force planning the wedding and she really has given into allowing me to have the perfect wedding that fiance and I dream of and I'm SO appreciative!!

So she's been poking around the web and ordered a few things but we also popped over to Saks and found two awesome options, but we also had two others that were in the running.. After yesterday though, I'm not sure which route we may go?!

 First, your typical MOB dress.. A little conservative and simple. via Nordstrom

 Then there's this Tadashi number that's simple yet elegant.. via Neiman Marcus

My personal fave, a Tadashi dress with just a bit of glitz a glam, a total "Amanda" dress via Neiman Marcus

I'm leaning towards the last dress because mom looked FAB in it! Obviously there are a lot of choices out there but mom has a fuller figure so we need something that compliments her. She was afraid of the darker colors but I think the navy would be a perfect choice for a fall, evening wedding.

What do y'all think? Any other suggestions?! How do you feel about dark colors on the MOB?


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  1. I think dark colors are perfect! They are classy and elegant, and are definitely suitable for an evening wedding. We are also struggling to find a MoB dress, my mom cannot make up her mind at all. Good luck!