Monday, September 10, 2012

T-minus 2 months!

WHOA!!!! Really?! When did this happen?! I'm floored y'all really I am. I can't belive in two months time I'll be wakling down the aisle. *EEK!* So ready for it to be here! In the meantime, let's recap on what we've done because I feel like a lot of excitement has happend:

what's been done:
invitations ARRIVED and being stamped as we speak!
bridesmaid dresses arrived
picked up my dress and it's currently at mom's!
fiance's custom tuxedo arrived and FITS
bachelorette party in the books! (posting soon!)
ordered my veil and it's being delivered! finally
picked up info pack from chamber of commerce for OOT bags
asked men to be ushers
tuxedo's selected from men's warehouse(some have been measured..)
met with printer about napkins, koozies, favors, etc.
worked on bridal luncheon details
wedding bands are engraved, done and PAID for!
bridal portraits paid for
purchased 1 mob/mog gift
purchased part of the bridal party gifts
hair and makeup booked for portraits and wedding
gathered final inspiration for wedding cake

to do:
finish stamping, lick and send invitations
order rehearsal dinner invites
work on slideshow for rehearsal dinner
order invitations to men's golf outing/bridal luncheon
take bridal portraits - september 18th!!
decide on reception hair piece?!
finalize reception details - walk through september 25
go get MARRIAGE license!!! -september 25
actually work on chalk board sings.. oops
decide on ceremony music
decide on first dance and groom/mom dance
purchase final bridal party gifts
keep working on timeline of weekend
collect things for OOT bags
find rehearsal dinner/luncheon outfits..
work on reception details

Obviously there are a few details not listed that we'll have to work on, I just can't think of all the tiny things we need to delegate right now. I'm still exhausted from this past weekend of being a bachelorette!! SO fun y'all!! (Here's a sneak peek!)

Well I'm going to finish my invites and maybe try to put them in the mail today since I'm off and I'd love to be productive! So here's to 2 months... Here.We.Go!!!



  1. Love your dress - you look so pretty!

  2. Love that sparkly dress! Please tell me where you got it...I'm feeling the need for one for my bachelorette! Also, so exciting to hear your fiance's tux fits...we ordered one for Matt and it comes in on Friday, hopefully it will be perfect as well! Good luck with all the little details!

  3. The dress was from a European company online but they offer free shipping and returns!! Check then out. I was very happy with the quality too!!