Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bachelorette Party Recap

This past weekend my favorite girls and I took a trip down to Wrightsville Beach, NC for a weekend of sun and fun. (Ha, I love cheesy quotes.) We had pretty darn good weather and a seriously great time! It's crazy that it's already over and that we're just closer to the big day now, but I'll never forget what a wonderful time I had with some amazing ladies!!

My friends did such an awesome job of making me have such a relaxed and fun weekend. I know it's weird to say "relaxed" but I just felt at peace with whatever was going on and didn't have an expectations or requirements I guess you could say. (Unlike the rest of the wedding process.) I just made sure to be in the moment, be present, and to have a great time with everyone there!! I cannot thank my friends enough for such a wonderful weekend and for all their time and effort they put in to create my perfect weekend and for making me feel like a princess! I'm truly grateful for such wonderful people in my life! LOVE Y'ALL!!!!

Well whose ready to see all the fun?!


WOO!!! PARTY!! My bachelorette was such a blast and I have such great memories to take away with me! (Excuse some of the inappropriate photos but I feel we did pretty good to keep it PG-13 at least.) I hope y'all enjoyed the photos! Makes me wish it was last weekend again.. Oh well, as I told the ladies, let's get ready for the big party in November!



  1. You're not going to believe this (well, maybe you will since Wrightsville Beach isn't huge), but we stayed in the exact same condos! That's hilarious. Glad yall had a blast! Still loving your dress.

    1. that is TOO funny!! i just went back and looked at your pictures! we may have even been on the same floor?! 3rd??! and we went to level 5! what a small world! love it!