Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Hiatus

Sorry it's been awhile since I last blogged. This weekend was a bit crazy and here's a little recap of what happened.

I was supposed to take my bridal portraits today, but as a long of east coasters know, it's raining today!! Not only is it raining but supposedly it's going to downpour tonight from 4-7 when we were scheduled for portraits. So number one, we could not find an indoor venue available (nor did we reallllly want to) and two, my hair! SO finally around 1:00pm yesterday I threw in the towel and gave up on trying for today. It's frustrating because I was so prepared and was ready to do them and had the whole day off to do so. BUT luckily, everyone is available to re-try for October 4th, as long as I can work it out with my work schedule...

downtown raleigh session that i LOVE by Cade Bowman

We also realized that my future MIL had an unexpected trip to Asia and we still had not placed any order for rehearsal invitations.. Uh freak out mode here. Since we mailed the wedding invites last week, I knew we needed to get a start on those so that we could have our guests plan accordingly so I was rehearsal dinner invite searching all weekend!! I did find one and I'm OH so excited about them!!

OH and we DID mail our invitations!! I'm going to prepare a post about them later this week since I think everyone should have gotten them. But for now, here's a sneak peek!!
Our custom created wedding logo by our uncle!!! EEK!!! it almost has a D as an ampersand! our initials!!
 all packed up and ready to go!!
Ok friends, I'll be back soon!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the invites! The logo turned out awesome!!