Friday, November 2, 2012

Wedding Update: 9 days to go..!

We've reached the point where I can finally look at a weather forecast 10 days out! EEK!!! The whole weather thing makes me nervous and not because I'm having an outdoor wedding but because we want to take all of our portraits outside and enjoy the natural sunlight since we are already battling with daylight savings time (which starts this weekend by the way!!) I already had to deal with the fiasco of rescheduling my bridal portraits due to rain and I just don't know what I'd do if it rained on our wedding day! I know it's good luck but, I'm hoping for some good luck on my side for NO rain because pretty much every Saturday in October was so insanely beautiful and it looks like this weekend will be too...

Here's a glimpse at the forecast for now... and OMG 9 days?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! **insert words of encouragement and tips for getting through the next 9 days here**


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  1. Ahhh 9 days!!! Forecast is looking great! Fingers crossed it stays that way! :)