Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Makeup Inspiration

I just had the opportunity to finalize the date of my bridal portraits for September and I'm quite excited. It is another one of the difficult tasks in preparation for the wedding because I'm having to decide on hair and makeup and how I want to look on our day. Thankfully, for a modern bride Pinterest is obviously such an arsenal! It allowed me to gather my thoughts and asses the looks I love. Here are some of the looks I'm leaning towards.

 definitely loving the persimmon lips for a pop of color

gorgeous eyes and colorful lip
 powerful eyes and gorrrrgeous lashes!
I think I'm leaning a little more to a colored lip over a really powerful eye, but at the same time I know the effect my eyes can have when they are done well.. But luckily I've hired Fiquet Bailey from, Luxe Apothecary in North Hills to help me on my wedding day and for my portraits. I'm definitely looking forward to dressing up in September and getting to feel like a bride twice! 

What do you think of the looks?! Any tips that photographers or brides recommend?!


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