Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello friends, sorry for the short break. I mentally took a break from wedding planning because I didn't really have much going on in the world.

We went bridesmaid dress shopping last weekend and I definitely know the two styles I want but I'm still undecided on the color... I KNOW I know.. Isn't it horrible?! I've been deliberating over bridesmaid dresses since day one and I still can't make up my mind. For some reason I find this choice to be a very important part of the day. I would like my ladies looking as pretty as ever and I want them as pretty as ever in photos as well as walking down the aisle. I didn't think I'd find a style so quickly, but that was the easy part. Oh well, give me a few weeks and I'll reveal my answer and we'll have hopefully placed an order as well. They take up to 4 MONTHS to come!! WHAT?!!! Crazy..

Another crazy element that has kept me rethinking in circles is our honeymoon. I was pretty adamant after we got engaged that a European extravaganza was exactly what I wanted. Great food, great wine, fresh cheese, and lots and lots of culture and romance! Fiance and I started saving HARD after we got engaged because we knew it would be a very expensive trip, but we're only young once and we've never been out of the country really. (I've been to South Africa but no where else, fiance, continental US!) So we thought what better way to experience Europe than together on our honeymoon..


Well, planning a wedding is a tough job, and although my mom says "it's just a wedding" it's still a reflection of us as a couple and there are mighty high standards in the wedding world now-a-days and not to say you have to follow them, but for me, it's hard not too because I love throwing parties and I love having nice things and presenting nice things to others so it's hard to just let the planning go to the wayside. (There are a LOT of details you wouldn't even think about that come up..)

So that led me to the thought of all-inclusive... Which for me was definitely the easy way out. With Europe it's much more of a planning type experience, so having something done completely for me seems kinda nice because Lord knows I've been planning a wedding for over 8 months! I was really looking for a smaller boutique experience with the all-inclusive package. I found a beautiful resort outside Cancun called Zoetry that seems right up our ally. Then we tell our families and they FLIP out saying "don't go to Mexico it's so dangerous!!" yada yada... Honestly, Mexico's rates are so low that I'm willing to take a chance. I mean, you've seen Jamaica, the Dominican, those aren't the safest places in the world either.

Some support people! Of course telling people about Europe isn't a supported decision either, "don't got to Greece with their economy", "Europe is SO expensive", "I'd never go to Paris!" Come on people. When a gal is planning a wedding, some support is appreciated.

Needless to say, I don't know which way to turn because I'm kinda clueless right now. Fiance and I are headed to the travel agent today to utilize their expertise and get a vibe for what we can do with the money we have saved up. I'm curious to see what they have in store for us because I could go either way and Fiance has admitted he could too. Plus we have a solid TWO weeks for our honeymoon laid out so why not take advantage?! (Plus it gets us out of Thanksgiving...)

Anyone have any thoughts? Recommendations and or words of encouragement?! It's much appreciated! :)


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