Monday, March 19, 2012

Bridesmaid Attire

Let's just start by saying, I love clothes. I appreciate fabrics, texture, structure, and most importantly quality. So of course when choosing my bridesmaid attire I want to have gorgeous dresses that can be worn again, but are also unique and a little fashion forward. I found I like pretty simple silhouettes for my maids and I also don't mind different colors or different styles of a gown which makes me confident that I have found step one.

Step two is color. I think another typical "wedding question" is what are your colors? Which I think is becoming a little passe. You don't have to stick to one color throughout your wedding anymore. It's not like people are matching their grooms ties and vests of their tuxedos to their bridesmaids very much anymore. (It's totally cool if you do, but it's just not as common anymore.) The more I browse weddings and bridesmaid sites the more I get turned off by the option of color. I love color but sometimes I feel like weddings can be overwhelmed in it and I personally just don't like the matchy matchy vibe. (I feel bad talking personal sometimes because I know weddings are SUPER personal so sorry for any judgements!) With all this in mind, I find that I like a neutral palate for the maids, i.e. champagne, gray, taupe, etc. A safe color option that would look great with a pop of color.

Here are some options that I like:

So those are some loves that I'm digging. Most particularly I've been crushing hard on some Amsale. I have a thing for Amsale obviously since she's the designer of my wedding dress! She is simply AMAZING. Gorgeous, girly and totally wearable. I tried one of her maid gowns for my mom and OMG I want one too!!!! I also appreciate JCrew and their awesomeness that they design for beyond GORG maids! Love love love.

This weekend my maids and momma will venture to look at some more bridesmaid gowns and hopefully settle on something close. I think I've been leaning towards a longer gown since my wedding is in November. There's just something chic about it! Anyone else have any thoughts on long vs short??

These below by Amsale and JCrew tend to top my list of choices.. Even though I don't have exact examples of all the color choices I like, most of these are on my list for color choices I'm considering too.