Friday, October 12, 2012

Workin' on my fitness

Once upon a time in college I was fit, healthy and motivated. Then a got a new boyfriend and graduated, started a career and then got engaged.. When I got engaged I figured I would start working out and getting fit but since we were engaged for 15 months, and because I lost ten pounds anyway just from being stressed and busy, I wasn't in a rush and because I actually felt pretty good, not great, but good. I had been researching for a while some fitness classes and came across Pure Barre which I thought could definitely be up my alley but never got motivated to go. So when I had saw MRS. Emily had blogged about Pure Barre yesterday, and because I had the day off today, I decided to get off my rear and GO!

Oh. My. God. OUCH! It was definitely a workout. My legs were shaking uncontrollably and those 2lb weights I laughed at, were just enough. It was really intense and about 20 minutes into the class I was like, yeah right, not doing this EVER AGAIN. But I signed up for a month unlimited and have decided that I'm going to make an effort to go and stretch my muscles, tone my arms up a bit more, and maybe have a tighter tummy for the honeymoon! We'll see how it goes from here and how I'll feel tomorrow..

Have you started a bridal routine? Is it important to you? What have you tried?! Let me know!


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  1. I joined a gym when the rehearsal dinner dress I ordered was too tight. I go to spin class about three times a week--it's not as scary as some people say! Sometimes during class I feel like I want to die but I've been feeling better overall and I've started noticing a difference in how I look too.