Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wedding Stress

Y'all I literally just googled how to deal with wedding stress because I'm exhausted. With 14 days to go I'm getting to the point where I'm nervous about enjoying the wedding day itself. I know, it's CRAZY but I feel crazy too! I'm just nervous because I want to be so happy and giddy and to relinquish control and remember why I'm going through this process; to marry my best friend of life. I'm not nervous because I'm marrying fiance, I'm just nervous because I have this mindset that it has to be perfect, but I know it doesn't! It just needs to end with a smile, a kiss and a new last name. 

I found this article from A Practical Wedding, a long time ago and read it and really appreciated the words. It really depicts how I need to remember that it's just one day and life will go on and it may not go the way I want it to go but as long as I get the ending I wanted in the first place, I'll be extremely happy. I just had to go back and find the article to calm myself down. Now if only my body would get on board...



  1. I can imagine! We have a little over a month to go and I am a basket case. Everyone, my fiance included, constantly reminds me the wedding will be beautiful. It's easy to get worked up about something this big in the days leading up...but don't worry, your day will be perfect to you and your fiance, no matter what, and you will have the best day!

  2. It is going to be amazing girl. You've got impeccable taste. I am sure it will be just great! xoxo