Thursday, October 18, 2012

Planning Update: 23 days to go

 Time is flying by but we are still managing to tick off our wedding checklist!

Since October 10th:
– We ordered reception koozies
– Meet with florist to finalize ceremony and reception details
– Invited guests to pre-wedding golf outing
– We invited guests to the rehearsal dinne
– Worked on reception timeline and discussed details with the band
– Took dance lessons with fiance and dad
- Decided on our first dance song!
– We deputized rehearsal dinner slide show to fiance's sister
– Started my workout regimen
– Finished purchasing my maids gifts
– Ordered a few dress options for the rehearsal..
– Finalized cake details, flavors, and payment
- Decided on my processional song
- Found a venue for Sunday brunch
- Hired a videographer!!

A few of the tasks to be completed in the next two weeks:
– Invite guests to Sunday brunch
– More signage
– Scan photos for slide show
– Design our program chalk board
– Work on signage for reception
– Finalize our wedding day schedule.. (never ending!)
– Print maps, welcome bag pieces, and ceremony programs
– Make final selections for our bar 
- Make final selections for our wedding menu
- Contact all persons who haven't RSVP'd
- Pick mother/son song
- Finalize rental selections


  1. That's so exciting you found a videographer within your budget! I found someone to to do it, a girl I grew up with who went to film school. Not exactly a professional, but it's definitely cheaper, she knows how to use a camera, and I will have video coverage. GOOD LUCK!!

    1. Good luck to you too!! I'm going to do a blog post on the videographer shortly, but it was definitely not a priority but then I decided I DID want it a priority.. UGH. Decisions.. They're TOUGH!!

  2. Yippee!!! I just got an email yesterday that our koozies shipped and should be here tomorrow!! 5.5 months seems so close so I can't imagine what 23 days feels like! :)

    1. I definitely felt like 5 months was close, now I'm starting to get a little freaked out every once in a while. I'll be at work and my heart starts racing! EEK! It'll fly by! I promise!!