Monday, January 28, 2013

Groomsmen Gifts

As promised I wanted to share with you our gifts that we gave all the important men in our wedding party. We only had a best man and a groomsmen but we had two ushers that we didn't want to differentiate too much from. Since only one of the men is a State fan he got the cufflinks and the other mentioned he never had a flask so we gifted him that. Each got a wallet as well from Charlottes, as well as the two ushers, so that the gifts were pretty similar and useful. Hubby has a wallet/clip wallet and he loves it!

1. Monogrammed wallet, Charlotte's Inc. 2. NC State cufflinks, Nordstrom 3. Monogrammed flash, Bailey's 4. Money clip, Charlotte's Inc.

Hope these gifts can provide some inspiration for you too! Although small, they're useful and can be used for some years to come. Men can be a little more difficult to shop for but a good bottle of scotch can always do the trick too! ;)

mrs. a.


  1. I love the cuff links. I got my hubs those to wear for our wedding as a gift :)

  2. Seriously, you can rarely ever go wrong with a flask!

  3. Flasks are great, we're doing flasks from Etsy and cute little whiskey barrels from Groomstand for his boys. Make it and take it :)

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