Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Going Professional.. sort of!

Y'all hubs and I have taken the plunge and have decided to revamp our image and get a little more "legit". With that said, we are proud to introduce to you our new website!!

Visit our new site at: http://www.dillieanddallie.com

Monday, January 13, 2014

Something New!

Well, I know it's been a while since I've blogged... It took me a while to find my inspiration again and I realized it's our new home we purchased and husband and wife on December 19, 2013! So I'd LOVE for you all to help follow me on my journey of home ownership and my real passion for design, event planning and being creative! Thank you for all your love and support throughout my wedding process and I look forward to continuing the relationship with you all! 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wedding Week: Our Reception Part 2

Well we're about to finish up my last post of our wedding and it's bittersweet. A quick THANK YOU for being there with me every step of the way and all your continued support and comments. I hope you were able to gather some inspiration and I look to continue blogging more because I thoroughly enjoyed the process and experience! I can't even believe this weekend, hubs and I will have been married for 4 months!!

Let's get back to the action shall we! Hubs and I finished our toast and tried to mingle with as many of our guests as possible before the music started. Our caterer, Babymoon Cafe, is a good friend of ours and he kept my glass filled with champagne as we wandered around saying hello to our wonderful friends and family from near and far. 
A friend's iPhone picture of our lounge area at the front of the reception hall.
 Mixing and mingling and celebrating!
Our AMAAAAAZING wedding band and their lead singer, Percy, ROCKING out!!
How about these awesome images of my dad having a blast?! I absolutely LOVE these! His dancing makes me laugh and he looks like he really got to have some fun too.
The loubs had to come off, very sad day.. I heard there were a few photos taken of these puppies on their lonesome 
Our uncle above, helped design our "a & n" logo and we're so thankful. Also, the below photos of us dancing, I love! Our faces are so funny, but obviously we are having an awesome time jamming out!
Somehow Meredith captured this photo below that I LOVEEEEE. It's amazing that we were in the middle of all these people and somehow we're the only two people in the photo! Plus we were so hot and sweaty at this point from dancing.. Poor hubs mainly!
And then there was CAKEEEEE! Our cake was by Cinda's Creative Cakes and consisted of 3 different layers, the bottom was a sweet potato and cream cheese, the middle a chocolate ganache and the top a lemon poppy seed. I aways had heard that most people don't eat cake at weddings, but there was practically NO cake left!!! Luckily, Cinda makes a small cake for you on your anniversary so we didn't have to worry about saving the top layer. Don't you just LOVE the sugar flowers she hand makes?!
LOVE this above shot, Meredith had the PERFECT spot for these photos, and I'm SO glad!
I couldn't decide if I wanted to smash the cake or not, I opted not. I'm a good girl!
I think the whole cake situation was hilarious though. We didn't have forks and we hit the wooden spoke in the cake while we were cutting it and the whole time I was like "are we doing this right?!"
UH OH! Time for the bouquet toss y'all!
The band was teasing me saying 2.. 2.5... 
And caught by my bridesmaid who got engaged a month later!
 OW OW! Time for the garter toss!
And caught by hubs friend who ALSO got engaged a month later!

Well y'all... That's it!!! What an insanely amazing day it truly was. A HUGGGGE thank you to Meredith Perdue and her amazing photographs that helped document our special day. We loved the opportunity to share our day next to such a wonderful person & photog! 

I did want to show some iPhone/friends photos of some of the craziness that ensued post garter and bouquet toss, like glow stick sunglasses and hubs jamming on the drums with the band, and let's not forget our pom pom exit!
 Only true friends can capture this ridiculousness above..
Look at hubs! How handsome!
Our band took this awesome photo of all of us towards the end of the evening and I absolutely love it. It definitely looks like my cousin is my groom in this photo but we were all having a blast!
 Oh yeah, evil eyes going on!
 And they lived happily ever after...

I have to share our video one more time, in case you missed it, so you can really feel what our reception and the whole wedding was like. Plus Scott did AMAZZZZZING!

Amanda & Nick Wedding from Scott Simerly Jr. on Vimeo.

Hope you all enjoyed our wedding as much as I did. Thank you again for letting me relive it with you all and I look to keep blogging and talking about different projects. Let me know if there are any topics you'd like for me to touch on as well. And as always...

mrs. a.

In case you missed it:

Photographer: Meredith Perdue / Videographer: Simile Productions / Venue: The Stockroom at 230 / Linens: CE Rentals / Rentals & Lighting: Themeworks / Flowers: Aldena Frye / Hair: Kari Berry via Marigold Parlour / Makeup Artist: Fiquet Bailey Swain via Luxe Apothecary / Bride’s Gown: “Lauren" by Amsale / Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin from Coplon's / Bride’s Earrings: ED-1D-261 by Bounkit via Coplon's / Bride’s Veil: Veils of Art via Etsy / Wedding Invitation: Palm Papers / Bridesmaid Dresses: “ G558C" and "G660C" in Charcoal by Amsale / Groom’s Attire: Custom Tuxedo by Indochino / Groom Bowtie: Ralph Lauren / Groomsmen Tuxedo: Vera Wang from Men's Warehouse  / Groom’s Cufflinks: Nordstrom