Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm BACK! And it's wedding week!!!!

Y'all, I have the internet again!! WOO WOO! And yesterday marked 3 months since we tied the knot and I thought it was high time that I started recapping some our wedding events now that I have all my photos in my possession. I admit that I'm a photo hog and I LOVE taking photos and being able to look through them and document events in life so for me not having control over the photos of our wedding events was tough! Luckily my brothers girlfriend, Erica, and dear friend, Lee, were there and brought their cameras to help document my life. I'm SO grateful they were there and offered to do so for me because on the way to my luncheon, I was thinking "OMG I don't have a camera?!" WHEW!

For our luncheon we went to a little french restaurant in Raleigh called Coquette, and we had mimosa's, quiche, cheese plates, and yummy truffle fries! It was a perfect little brunch setting that allowed for our group of about 18 women in my life. 

Here are some images from my luncheon:
custom cookies from Bambino's Bakery 
 some presents!
 my sweet little niece and flower girl Macy
 some of the gang
 flower girl present time
 mom opening her custom portrait
 opening my christmas ornaments

Hooray! What a wonderful start to my amazing weekend!! OH and right after we got some mani's:
I shamelessly got suckered into buying the "blushing bride" nail polish by Essie.. Dang you Essie and your fabulous marketing..

Stay tuned for our Rehearsal dinner!!

mrs. a.


  1. Did you like having the luncheon at coquette? I am looking at having a babyshower there.

  2. So fun! I can't believe it's already been 3 months since your wedding!!